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Crane cabins

Cabins of management for the load-lifting cranes, made by our company have the certificate of conformity РОСС RU.AB33.H00112, are made with use of new materials and application of modern technologies, and also completely correspond to requirements of industrial safety.

Use in manufacture of our cabins allows to reduce quantity of idle times and considerably to raise labour productivity at the expense of comfortable conditions for crane operators (the improved review, ease and simplicity of management, fatigue decrease) and also to achieve quality and reliability of management crane mechanisms.

Management cabins are issued in base and full complete sets.

Management cabins in a base complete set have following technical parametres:

  • The size of a cabin 2170х18402085 (manufacturing under the individual order is possible);
  • «TRIMPLEX» tripartite glass cover with an inclination in the bottom part, face-to-face and lateral windows have system of smooth opening;
  • An armchair of the crane operator;
  • Warming and an internal covering from nonflammable materials;
  • The cabin is painted according to GOST 9.032-74, the class of a covering 7 and has colour designations in accordance with GOST 12.2.058-81;
  • The cabin is completed with a dielectric rug;
  • System of the sound alarm system;
  • Notification system;
  • The emergency switch.

The management cabin in a full complete set in addition to technical parametres of a base complete set has:

  • A central air;
  • Ventilation system;
  • An armchair-panel with adjustment in the plan and on height;
  • System of the light notification (flashing маячок);
  • System of the emergency sound alarm system;
  • Screen wipers;
  • Illumination system;
  • The first-aid set;
  • The fire extinguisher;
  • thermos.

the Standard variant of execution of a cabin of management, is intended for roadways and gantry cranes of all types.

the Cabin of management of small-sized execution is intended for roadways and gantry cranes maintained in shops with the limited spatial parametres.

the Cabin of management of the increased size is intended for roadways and gantry cranes of the big load-carrying capacity, 50 t and above

О компании

изготовление мостовых и козловых кранов.

Сервис кранового оборудования на протяжении всего жизненного цикла:
- Аудиты технического состояния оборудования и организации системы Т.О. и Р.­
-Системы удаленной диагностики и мониторинга оборудования.
- Долгосрочные договоры на Техническое Обслуживание и Ремонты разных уровней.
-Запчасти, комплектующие.­­
-Обучение ИТР и обслуживающего персонала.

Капитальный ремонт, модернизация и монтаж грузоподъемных кранов.