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Manufacturing of steelworks bearing elements of transmission of farms and basic designs of various sections and the sizes of gantry cranes, manufacturing of steelworks of bearing elements box-shaped and T-joint sections for bridge cranes, manufacturing of steelworks frames of cargo carts, manufacturing of building designs of buildings and constructions and steelworks of bearing elements of crane tracks.

Trailer running carts

The raised bearing ability of the design reached at the expense of application of the strengthened box-shaped profile and exact connection of details, guarantees exclusive reliability of system and high road performance at the minimum deterioration. Exact installation of running wheels on height and width crane tracks is provided by means of linings of a various thickness that allows to reach the best running characteristics of the crane.

Cargo carts

Use of modern systems of designing and calculation allows us to make the cargo carts having high bearing ability of a design, the big load-carrying capacity at the minimum body weight and a dimension:

  • Cargo carts with one mechanism of lifting of loads,
  • Cargo carts with two mechanisms (the main and auxiliary lifting)
  • Cargo carts with longitudinal and cross-section with spreader beam
  • Cargo carts magnetic, claw, magnetic-claw

Monorail hoists

Common industrial electric hoists are intended for work in various environmental conditions: at temperatures from-40° С to +40°С. Execution flame safety, execution in chemically excited environments, in atmosphere with the raised degree of oxidation, and also in sea execution for work is possible at humidity of air to 95 %. Reliable engines of lifting with the built in brake provide cargo fixing in any position. At will, on the lifting and movement mechanism the engines having various speeds of rotation are established. It allows to choose one- or two-high-speed lifting and chain fall moving. Load-carrying capacity to 10 tons inclusive.

Spreader beams

Use of modern technologies and materials, programs of calculation of nonlinear systems, allows us to make spreader beams of the various sizes of the big load-carrying capacity at the minimum weight and a dimension. Use a spreader beam of our manufacturing promotes the maximum simplification of works on lifting and moving of cargoes in black and nonferrous metallurgy, the heavy industry, power, building, warehouse complexes. Our experts will help you to pick up suitable spreader beams for your enterprise.

О компании

изготовление мостовых и козловых кранов.

Сервис кранового оборудования на протяжении всего жизненного цикла:
- Аудиты технического состояния оборудования и организации системы Т.О. и Р.­
-Системы удаленной диагностики и мониторинга оборудования.
- Долгосрочные договоры на Техническое Обслуживание и Ремонты разных уровней.
-Запчасти, комплектующие.­­
-Обучение ИТР и обслуживающего персонала.

Капитальный ремонт, модернизация и монтаж грузоподъемных кранов.